1. MiSight™ is fitted in the same way as any other soft daily disposable lens.

  2. The power selection is based on the child’s distance refraction (minimum minus prescription that gives good distance vision or a refraction based on cycloplegic refraction can be used). No adjustment or special considerations need to be made in consideration of the treatment zone of the lens.

  3. MiSight™ can be worn 14 hours a day, 7 days per week to get the maximum treatment effect however detailed wearing schedule should be based on individual needs and requirements⁵.

  4. Children with < 0.75D of astigmatism can be fitted with MiSight™ with the first trial lens power based on spherical equivalent. For children with 1.00D or more of astigmatism ghosting may occur that does not reduce over time and may affect visual function. In such cases MiSight™ can still be prescribed but spectacles containing the cylindrical element of the prescription maybe required to be worn in addition to the contact lenses.

  1. Data on file, CooperVision 2009 (DIMENZ study report)