1. The Myopia Management System™ is a holistic approach to minimizing myopic progression and can benefit children with myopia or those at risk of developing myopia.
  2. Children, especially those with myopic parent(s) can benefit from regular eye examinations and strategies to reduce the likelihood of the onset of myopia. Children with myopia will of course benefit from regular eye examinations and strategies to reduce the rate of progress of myopia. Myopic children can also benefit from ActivControl Technology™, used in MiSight™, which has been shown to reduce the rate of progression of myopia⁵.
  3. Studies have shown that one of the most significant factors associated with a high prevalence of myopia is the time spent on outdoor activities⁶.
  4. Children at risk of developing myopia, for example children with one or more myopic parents, can reduce the risk of myopia onset by spending time on outdoor activities⁶.
  5. Utilizing MiSight™ with ActivControl™ Technology in combination with lifestyle changes can benefit children who are myopic by reducing the rate of progression of myopia in most cases⁵ ⁶.
  6. Combining the use of MiSight™ with increased time spent on outdoor activities may give an even greater benefit.
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