Potential Biofinity® Wearers

Every individual who walks into your practice has their own set of vision correction needs to suit their different lifestyles. The Biofinity® family of lenses are suitable for many of them. Here are some examples of who they might be:


Today’s students spend a large amount of time in front of the computer screen whether at home or in school. Being constantly on the move with many activities, they are also cost and image conscious, but willing to pay a premium for contact lenses that are comfortable and convenient.

Software programmers

Dry eyes are common in this group of people who work long hours and spend about 80% of their time staring at computer screens. They need breathable contact lenses that allow their eyes to remain moist and comfortable even after long hours of wear.

Flight attendants

Appearance is priority to this group of people. They need to look fresh and healthy, with bright and clear eyes even after long flights that could mean more than 13 hours of wear. Being in the dry flight environment, they need lenses that allow their eyes to breathe and remain moist.

Medical professionals

In this demanding profession, they are required to be alert when treating patients or during emergencies. They need lenses that can sustain the freshness in their eyes despite the long, irregular hours

Professional athletes

Spectacles are usually a huge barrier to any athlete's performance. As they spend most of their time training, they need reliable and comfortable lenses for vision correction so that they can focus on winning.



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