Contact Lens Technology

Find out how the technologies behind CooperVision contact lenses bring major advantages to wearers like you.

There’s more to a contact lens than meets the eye

Like a lot of people, you may not have given much thought to the technology that makes reliable vision correction and comfort possible in a contact lens. At CooperVision, that’s our passion!

We’re dedicated to helping improve the way people see each day. Below you can learn about the technologies that have helped make CooperVision a global leader in the contact lens industry.

Optimized Toric Lens Geometry™ for astigmatism

For astigmatism

Special contact lens design features to help ensure you experience a stable fit for consistently clear vision.

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Balanced Progressive® Technology

For presbyopia

Helps you see clearly at all distances with multiple correction zones in each contact lens, tailored to your personal prescription.

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Aquaform® Technology

Helps provide a comfortable lens-wearing experience

Locks water within the contact lenses for incredible, all-day comfort. This technology also delivers the oxygen your eyes need†† to help them stay clear and white.

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Aberration Neutralising System™

For short-sightedness and long-sightedness

Enhances your vision quality by minimising an optical imperfection** commonly found in eyes.1

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ActivControl® Technology

For managing childhood short-sightedness

Special contact lens technology for children that corrects their vision while slowing the progression of short-sightedness by 59% on average.†2

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WetLoc® Technology

Helps provide a comfortable lens-wearing experience

Combines with high water content to help keep your contact lenses moist, supporting excellent all-day comfort.

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