Enhances your vision quality by minimising an optical imperfection* commonly found in eyes.1

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The surfaces of your eyes are not perfectly spherical. There are natural imperfections in the curvature of each eye’s cornea and lens that can reduce your vision quality.2,3 Your eye care professional calls this spherical aberration.

These naturally occurring imperfections can cause incoming light rays to focus on multiple points. This can create a blurred image, especially in low light conditions, because the eye’s optical system does not have a single point of focus.

Thanks to the Aberration Neutralizing System™, the lens’s front surface design is customised for your prescription to help neutralise the impact of spherical aberration in the eye. As a result, incoming light rays converge for better focus and sharp vision.


Designed for a single point of focus and sharp vision

The Aberration Neutralising System™ at work



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To correct your near-sighted or farsighted vision, ask your eye care professional about CooperVision contact lenses with the Aberration Neutralizing System.








* Spherical aberration




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